Amazon and Starbucks may be Integrating Litecoin in 2018

As the cryptocurrencies become more and more popular some leading companies start integrating this payment method in their systems. The have been many announcements and comment on Starbucks and Amazon looking to join the fast raising number of companies that have already successfully integrated crypto solutions in their systems.

Several weeks ago there was a hint disseminated by Starbucks stating that the company will soon be integrating a crypto coin which however wouldn’t be Bitcoin. Since then we all have been looking forward to learn which altcoin will be selected by the company and due to recent developments and the analysis of crypto market it can be concluded that the Starbuck’s solution will be Litecoin. The selection will be made based on many aspects which potentially may include the following main ones:

  • The flexible opportunities of Litecoin’s newly introduced payment system- Lipay. The new system makes it easier and simple for the users to make payments directly from their smart devices, which is obviously beneficial and convenient for the large companies as Starbucks and Amazon.

  • Litecoin has been one of the most stabile cryptocurrencies in the market. While following the performance of the coin in the market it has been relatively stable since almost the days of issue hence large companies would rather invest and go for such a stable currency rather than the one which has measurable fluctuations over time.

  • Low transaction costs with Litecoin unlike other and more popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Lower costs will make the usage of the coin more attractive for the users and obviously Amazon and Starbucks would prefer to go with this option.

Although we are still looking forward to some official announcement from the companies on their choice for the major integration in 2018, there are rather obvious predictions that the official choice will eventually be reported to be Litecoin.

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