A New Independent Republic is Born With Icon ICX

The Icon company (ICX) in the future could create an interconnection between the various blockchains revolutionizing the whole system currently in force. But what could be the benefits from the point of view of the real economy?

Icon: the cryptocurrency that will connect the world

Icon (ICX) is a platform that will allow the various blockchains to interact with each other through smart contracts. The project called “Hyperconnect the World”, has the intent to build one of the largest decentralized networks in the world.

How this technology works

The company, using its platform, connects a community ecosystem blockchain through the Republic Icon. The communities are connected to the Republic through representatives (C-Rep) who connect to Nexus (the blockchain of this company).

Icon Community

An Icon Community is a single blockchain or protocol with its own system of government, while Community Nodes (C-Nodes) include the infrastructure of each community. The C-Nodes are responsible for managing and maintaining the blockchain of the respective community, which means that the company itself has no control over how members conduct their programs outside the Republic Icon.

Why invest in Icon

The company participates with a look to the future. With its partnerships and connections it is positioned as one of the precursors to the interconnection of the blockchain. Icon could really surprise. With technology still in its early stages, most of the wealth will continue to mature for projects that address infrastructure-level technologies needed to achieve efficient blockchain in the real world.

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Where to negotiate ICX

You can buy ICX Icon or ICX cryptocurrency to date 12/03/2018 on: Binance or Huobi which hold respectively 69% and 2% of the exchanges of the last 24 hours (you can consult the data on the volumes live on the site coinmarketcap. com)

The perspectives on Icon

In the near future, the team would like to see most of ICON’s key features performed. In the first quarter of 2018, the company hopes to have greater integration and expansion of the blockchain communities in their network.

White Paper and Road Map

The  white paper contains many useful information. I will list one but you can find everything in detail directly by clicking here.


The advent of blockchain technology is questioning the prospects of the current social, political, economic and banking system. The rapid progress of this technology has begun to merge world boundaries and statutes, offering glimpses of a better and alternative future.

Icon’s road map in 2018 will focus on:

April 2018: ISS launch and Ico platform
2Q 2018: public channel development
3Q 2018: governance channel development
4Q 2018: Score Improvement


If this cryptocurrency can work in the real world as on paper, this network could very well be the key that will unlock the blockchain and connect these services to existing sectors. The project’s whitepaper highlights how this company can fit into established industries including health, education, business, insurance and capital markets.

Individuals may not only use Icon for data transfers and monetary transactions, but may also use it for identity verification.


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