Ripple’s New Chief Market Strategist to Spearhead Growth

Former Bloomberg TV technology anchor, Cory Johnson, has joined Ripple as the chief market strategist and will be in charge of connecting with investors and telling Ripple’s story. Johnson will bring years of experience to the Ripple team and will help the company connect better with investors as Ripple seeks to accelerate its efforts to be the market leader in the ever-growing blockchain-based financial solutions industry.

Johnson has been at Bloomberg TV and Radio for close to a decade where he was tasked with covering technology and innovation. He has worked for many other institutions in the past including as a correspondent for CNBC and as a hedge fund manager.

He will be in charge of interactions with financial institutions, business leaders, industry regulators and investors. He will work closely with the company CFO Ron Will to set strategies that will make it easier for Wall Street and the general public to understand what Ripple is doing and how much of an impact it’s set to have in the financial industry.

Speaking about the appointment of Johnson on his Twitter page, Ripple CEO expressed his confidence in him as he has been in the industry for many years since the days of the dot-com bubble.

“Cory has seen it all – from the dot-com bubble through the crypto wild west, no one is more qualified to analyze the impact and role of $XRP, crypto and blockchain within the markets at large as the #InternetofValue is actualized.”

This is one in a series of positive news for Ripple in recent days after the great decline in market prices that saw Ripple drop from its record-high price of over $3.5 in the beginning of the year to below $1. The market is slowly picking pace and Ripple may be on its way back to the top. With industry titans like Johnson joining Ripple and the continued uptake of Ripple’s blockchain-based payments solutions by financial institutions, Ripple is solidifying its position as the market leader in integrated financial services.

Just recently, Fleetcor, the parent company of Canadian international money transfer firm, Cambridge Global Payments, became a member of Ripple’s xRapid platform and will use it to remit more than $20 billion annually. With other partnerships on sight, Ripple is out to conquer the financial world and bring convenience, efficiency and low cost to an industry that has been slow to embrace change.

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