Ripple: between Japanese banks and Amazon

If Ripple collaborated with Amazon, the cryptocurrency could see an exponential increase in value thanks to the incredible amount of users available.

The rumors of a possible development by Amazon of its own system of exchange of digital currencies emerged when the company registered three new domains. Specifically:, and

If XRP becomes part of this circuit, the results could prove to be amazing.

But why should the online shopping giant choose XRP? The currency, indeed, would lend itself well to the use that Amazon could make of it. Especially for very low transaction prices. Another reason is the availability of coins. If for Bitcoin there are 21 million, for XRP the availability is 100 billion.

Craig Cole from CryptoMap explained that XRP has enormous potential. First of all because it can help financial institutions save money. Furthermore, it is a network that works rather quickly, especially compared to Bitcoin.

Not surprisingly, the company is collaborating with as many as 61 Japanese banks. Among these, Resona Bank, which has declared as an objective to promote the reduction of money and, at the same time, of wanting to improve customer convenience and reduce costs for the company. All this could be possible thanks to XRP.

Given these factors, Ripple appears to be an increasingly attractive financial instrument. With investments that could have a return, in the long term, greater than expected.

The XRP / USD pair is around $ 0.83 at the time of writing, with gains of around 3%. The descent can be said to be over, but the trend reversal is not yet well defined. Given the leak of news in the last hours, however, the sensations are quite good.

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