The Certified Art on the Blockchain is Born in Italy

The electronic system that certifies the authenticity of works of art on the web is born in Palermo, capital city of the Sicily region. Art Blockchain was conceived by Rmstudio, a Palermo-based team specialized in the fields of economics, finance and innovation.

The application allows you to certify the art through Blockchain technology, creating a digital distributed register that tells the story and certifies the authenticity of a work in a definitive way. In this way, anyone interested in the work of art, from collectors to art investors, but also from citizens living in different areas of the world, can verify with a click all the sensitive data of a product and consult in real time the documents that certify its authenticity and value.

The use of blockchain technology  allows to keep the recorded information public, associated with a precise and immutable date: they can not be deleted or modified once they have been transcribed. The blockchain, reads the Giornale di Sicilia, consists of a file, open and distributed, can not be modified retroactively and therefore very secure.

“This application – explains Raffaele Mazzeo, owner of Rmstudio – represents an opportunity for the world of art because it creates a distributed and guaranteed register of works, so it is possible to retrace all the changes in ownership that have marked the history of a work , also increasing its intangible value.In addition, we can link artistic creation with innovative digital payment systems, creating a digital art market with copyright and a system to index the market value of the works “.

This is one more example of how blockchain technology can be applied to every field we can imagine, simplyfing our everyday life and give trasparency to every kind of information, making it public and accessible from every corner of the world, to everybody.

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