The Dash Telegram Account Has Been Hacked

The Dash team through twitter makes it known that their account on the telegram has been hacked, strangers have taken possession of an account of an administrator and have eliminated all the others. The concern now is that those who have hacked the system can release fake news in order to influence the market or try to defraud users.

The administrator warns:

the telegram chat seems compromised
someone has taken my account and deleted all the administrators from the group
there’s some rogue out there !!

DO NOT trust him !!

DO NOT use any Dash telegram group
do not trust any ‘post news’
and do not trust any TUNGFA !!

The Dash is a well-known open source cryptocurrency, peer to peer (P2P) and decentralized that offers a number of advantages over traditional currencies, but also against Bitcoin itself, the world’s highest capitalization digital currency, and other cryptocurrencies.
The Dash Core team has the mission of constantly improving the protocol underlying the operation of the Dash cryptocurrency.

Objectives such as ease of use, exposure and technological evolution make Dash a long-term actor in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The PrivateSend system mixes the digital coins with each other through the so-called Masternodes so as to make it almost impossible to trace a transaction from beginning to end.

Another interesting system included in the operation of the Dash is InstantSend, which allows you to confirm payments through this cryptocurrency in less than a second, also amortizing the costs to be incurred – a big problem for many other cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, it can boast a high degree of security because the transactions are confirmed directly by the miners who, together, manage thousands of servers all over the world.

In a nutshell, this digital coin allows people to buy everyday items quickly and safely just like they would with classic cash.

Today on Sunday, March 11, the cryptocurrency  is priced at $ 486.27 USD, down 6.74%

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