Cardano will Contribute to Development of Africa

ADA news – One of the top cryptocurrencies in the in current global market- Cardano (ADA) has recently announced about their next big strategic objective. According to Cardano, they will be aiming on using their technology to contribute to the development of the conditions in Africa.

Cardano will concrete on one of the most important issues currently present in Africa which is landownership. The objective is to set up a digital blockchain based property registration system that identifies the land using GPS coordinates. Due to the new system the owner of the land can be easily verified and the ownership of that land can be transferred to him for a very low cost saving time and resources.

One of the first countries in Africa which started to accept blockchain technology and digital transformation is Rwanda. The country has a long-term intention to fix its ledger on to a blockchain system building a promising base for the prospective development opportunities for the technology to expand widely in Africa.

According to the official blog post of John O’ Connor, the Director of African Operations at IOKH, they plan to launch trial projects across countries in Africa aiming on making Cardano the blockchain they will be using to build the land register systems. According to O’ Connor this cooperation will be only the first step from their side and they plan to use Cardano for many other projects in the future as well after the successful implementation of this project.

According to the initiative representatives, this is an ambitious plan which requires a long-term hard work from the government, NGOs, and the private sector industries which need to work all together for the project to be successful. The first step in the implementation of the project will naturally be investing in education and raising awareness on blockchain technologies in Africa.

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