30 TRX Million Transactions in 24 Hours – Happy news from Koinex

One of the largest exchange platforms Koinex which is based in India has recently officially listed Tron on their trading currency list. This has been a major event for Indian supporters of the coin and the field enthusiasts considering the importance of the large market. And as it could have been expected the response in the market was measurable leading to have over 30 TRX million transactions in just 24 hours after the coin was officially listed on Koinex.

This is a very impressive amount for Koinex to make in such a short period of time and the company representatives were quick to comment on the happy news stating that this response is a classic way to follow the power of Indian market which has the advantage of being one of the largest markets with “crazy population” interested in the industry.

Meanwhile the first hours’ transactions of TRX on the platform have been reported by the users to be rather slow and have some technical issues while trading. Apparently the holders have been facing some issues and delays while withdrawing the currency on Koinex which lead to some complaints on social networks.

Koinex team’s response to the users’ requests and comments has been highly supportive and helpful. The team has been working hard to constantly support the users and reply to all the concerns of the customers. According to Koinex they work hard and improve constantly to provide faster and smoother trading processes to their users for the future.

Koinex is a relatively young exchange platform which was founded by several Indian engineers several years ago. Since then the platform has grown to become currently one of the most advanced trading platforms in India listing nowadays’ biggest cryptocurrencies in the market. Due to large partnerships and a good customer service system Koinex is rated to be one of the most reliable and accessible exchange platforms in the market.

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