Tron is now Available for Trading at Huobi Pro Exchange

The cryptocurrencies Exchange Huobi announced yesterday Friday, March 9th that it has added to its exchange the cryptocurrency Tron, the pair TRX / USDT is now available for trading.

TRON and its native currency (TRX) toured the rollercoaster from its ICO in August 2017. TRX’s price rose from $ 0.0015 to $ 0.30 in January 2018 before going down to the price current of $ 0.037. Now it is among the first 15 cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization according to

“It is a decentralized blockchain-based protocol that aims to build a free content entertainment system around the world with blockchain and distributed storage … allowing [users] to publish, store and hold data freely. With TRON, content is owned by content creators, artists and screenwriters rather than the capitalists who consume them. ”

In short, the goal of TRON is to stop entertainment and consumer markets by exploiting blockchain technology. The TRON plans are similar to Ethereum. As Ethereum, TRON will be a platform that manages smart contracts, allowing it to host decentralized applications (DApp) and initial coin offerings (ICOs). It will also provide a distributed storage solution for its users

However, TRON intends to improve the Ethereum deficiencies related to scalability, speed and usability. For example, the TRON protocol will allow an estimate of 1000 transactions per second (TPS) compared to the Ethereum ~ 15 TPS and the Bitcoin TPS ~ 7. In addition, its intelligent contracts will support common programming languages ​​such as Java. Recently TRON has made a live streaming with their technical team to deepen their basic technology. A good summary of live streaming can be found here.

To date, several companies have already announced partnerships with TRON to use their protocol in the future. These include Obike (one of the leading bike sharing companies), GIFTO (a universal gifting platform), (a new blockchain game company), Peiwo (a live streaming audio app) and Global Social Chain ( a new blockchain social media company).

Together, these companies represent tens of millions of active users from a variety of entertainment and consumer markets. These first partnerships are encouraging and give a little taste to the many different activities that the TRON ecosystem can help to improve.

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