Ralf Rottmann Joins the IOTA Foundation

Ralf Rottmann is now part of the IOTA Foundation. He is an entrepreneur who has sold his latest company to Alcatel-Lucent and is now the managing partner of grandcentrix he co-founded.

Incorporated in 2009, grandcentrix has become Germany’s largest systems integrator and focuses on the development of intelligent products. At grandcentrix, Ralf has created an engineering organization with over 150 full-time experts covering Ideation and User Experience Design, Electronic and Integrated Development, Cyber Physical System Security, IoT Platform Development, System Integration and Frontend-Development.

Ralf will join the IOTA Foundation as a member of the Board of Directors.

Digital Ledger Technologies will be at the center of the Internet of Things and an essential part of the third industrial revolution. Over the past nine years, on grandcentrix, we have created digital, connected, realistic products for market-leading customers and brought them from concept to mass production. IOTA offers almost a natural extension to our core business and by far the best we’ve seen.

I feel flattered and excited, to have the opportunity to help Dominik, David and the entire team, to realize our vision and add the experience of a vast number of Internet of Things initiatives that we took from the prototype to production.

While Ralf will continue to serve as a managing partner of grandcentrix, he will spend a significant part of his time and energy helping the IOTA Foundation to manage its continued growth and optimize its day-to-day operations. The founder of IOTA David Sønstebø  has declared:

Having the help of Ralf based on his previous experience is very exciting and marks the beginning of a new level of maturity of the Foundation as an organization.

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