MoneroV Hard Fork Postponed to April 30

Due to growing demand and growing expectations from users, trading platforms and extensive mineral pools, MoneroV has decided that the Snapshot date will be postponed to April 30, block 1564965 to facilitate requests for third-party services.

Many users find it difficult to store their XMR locally using the Monero GUI portfolio due to its large blockchain size. Postponing the fork date will help more users prepare to be able to claim their XMVs. In addition, mining pools require more time to implement the news cryptocurrency, returning the fork will allow these pools to prepare better so that XMV is more stable and robust. Finally, exchanges need more time to implement the new technology that will allow XMR holders to be credited with XMV.

Overall, considering these reasons, and although the  codebase is fully functional, the team decided that it is better to postpone the snapshot date.

The source code, including the MoneroV GUI portfolio and the MoneroV daemon will be published on Github in a downloadable format available to the community.

According to the development team this new coin provides a solution to the problem of resizing the blockbuster and other improvements compared to the original Monero version.

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