Gain Capital Holdings Announces Derivatives for Ripple XRP

GAIN Capital Holdings, an operator of OTC and exchanged-traded markets for traditional financial products, just said that they will make announcements for Ripple, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash in the coming weeks. GAIN currently offers Bitcoin trading either as an over-the-counter (OTC) derivative or as a future, both of which allow traders to speculate on Bitcoin price movements without owning the underlying asset, so I would assume similar derivatives will be announced for Ripple, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. Read the excerpt below straight from the CEO’s mouth:

GAIN Capital Holdings (GAIN), March 8th, 2018, Q4 Earnings Call

Glenn Henry Stevens, Chief Executive Officer

After launching Bitcoin in the UK/Europe market in December, and then moving into Australia and Singapore in early 2018, we’re looking to expand our offering to include other cryptocurrencies by the end of this quarter. Stay tuned for launch announcements for Ripple, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, for example, in the coming weeks. We’re also looking to launch a U.S. crypto offering as we navigate U.S. regulatory requirements.

So, yes, we have it. Yes, we offer it. But until – two things, until either that product itself comes out with a Bitcoin mini or other changes, I don’t expect it to be really retail-friendly. That’s part of the reason why we’re looking to supplement or complement or in parallel, leverage our existing crypto products in the U.S. with a product that’s more retail friendly that resides more in our environment. So, that’s the goal for that. But the futures version is still out there. I think I would take a stand here though and say, it’s not super retail-friendly given what I mentioned.

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