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Experts Express Optimistic Predictions for Stellar’s Future

Stellar is predicted to have a great year ahead. Last couple of weeks have been “relatively” stable for the cryptocurrency, meanwhile there are many experts out there who are confident about the coin breaking above $0.40 very soon in the future. There are several aspects making the experts and field enthusiasts look forward to Stellar’s further performance in 2018 and here are some of those.

  • The list of recent measurable partnerships which benefit to all the parties involved in the process including developers and entrepreneurs, financial institutions and partners and token projects.

  • Stellar team has been announcing about the native token being listed on different powerful trading platforms including one of the largest such platforms- eToro.

  • As a result of these important partnerships and listings XLM will get a huge potential to acquire a potential client base of 6 million individuals.

  • In addition these promising partnerships will also raise awareness on the cryptocurrency in the market which is currently considered to be an important issue for the company.

  • Stellar is also adopted by Bluepan which is the largest blockchain operating system offering remittance service to migrant workers in Asia. Using it will give the opportunity to send money in a more convenient, faster and of course cheaper way which obviously is widely welcomed by the migrant workers who are a new large market for the cryptocurrency.

In the line with the promising recent developments for Stellar it is also important to consider that nowadays cryptocurrency market is quite aggressive and filled with options for potential investors. This makes it harder to make especially long-term predictions for any cryptocurrency.

Meanwhile XLM remains one of the cryptocurrencies with the most potential and the listed aspects and the stable performance of the coin so far gives a strong base for the field experts to express positive predictions for Stellar in the future.

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