Uber Founder Launches Eco Coin

Uber Founder has launched a new cryptocurrency with low energy consumption. Its name is Eco coin and is already attracting the attention of the most curious.

The founder of Uber is about to give life to a new digital currency known as Eco, which will stand out from most of its colleagues especially for the low energy consumption deriving from it.

Garrett Camp has become the promoter and creator of this new cryptocurrency that will have the aim of facilitating transactions on e-commerce around the world, through the creation of a real ecosystem.

The purpose of the Eco cryptocurrency? The creation of a secure, limitless, fast and above all accessible and open to all system.

The Eco project

The Eco project saw the light following an interesting trip to Africa. After the experience, the founder of Uber chose to donate a large part of his money to charities and humanitarian organizations. The deserving actions have moved hand in hand with the birth of the new cryptocurrency, to support which Camp created the Eco Foundation.

“If you are an expert in technology, security, economics, politics or design and are interested in helping Eco become a global currency, write an email to”,

This is the call to action launched to anyone interested in the project.

“About a year ago I bought my first Bitcoin and 10 Ethereum on Coinbase, the biggest exchange around, but I was disappointed. The more research I did, the more I realized that there was not actually a cryptocurrency that would respond to my needs. So I understood the need for a new project that started from a different perspective. ”

These are the reasons that led Camp to throw itself into the Eco project.

The cryptocurrency, emerging from the rumors, will travel on nodes verified by universities and research centers (which will be part of the token Eco). It will limit the concept of anonymity, which will however be offset by greater security and reliability.

According to the leaked indiscretions, the founders of the cryptocurrency (including Uber’s father) would be ready to release about 1 trillion tokens. 50% of these will be allocated to the first billion users of the network; another 20% will go to the universities, while 10% will concern strategic partners and the other 10% will go to the aforementioned Eco Foundation. The Eco token distribution will be completed more or less over a period of 7 years.


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