Tron Announces a Major Strategic Agreement with Trip.Io

Tron made another loud announcement about a new partnership- this time with world first traveling blockchain project Trip.Io. This partnership promises not only to enhance the value of the coin when crypto market begins to pull back from the long-known recession, but also the actual function of this agreement is of a strategical importance for both of the parties.

This partnership between Tron and Trip.Io aims on ensuring a mutual growth of the two sides, as well as on sharing resources on the main chain, available content and the travel industry. In addition the cooperation will be focused entirely on the entertainment industry as it could have been expected.

Wesley Shen, who is the founder of Trip.Io, said that he is greatly confident that this partnership with Tron will be a success mainly due to the large amount of applications of the company. He also highlighted his positive predictions on Peiwo App stating that the new applications contain new possibilities and growth opportunities. According to Shen their two companies will be working together sharing the accumulation of own respective industries and advantageous resources with each other to have a healthy win-win cooperation.

From the other side Justin Sun, the founder of Tron expressed his and his team’s enthusiastic expectations on the future cooperation with Trip.Io adding that this partnership will be their main focus for this year.

According to field experts this is another important partnership for Tron, which is full of great potential to push the performance to its uppermost level. The results concluded from the technical analysis of this cooperation promise a long lasting strong partnership between Tron and Travel.Io giving a good chance to put Tron on the list of the best digital assets in the market.

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