Cardano Launches a Major Software Update

Cardano Foundation Press recently announced about a package update which was launched yesterday bringing measurable improvements to the system. Since the Sep mainnet was lunched, this has been the first major update lunched by the company. The update mainly aims on improving the user experience on the platform as well as fixing some gaps in the system that have been present in the old version. Here are the main improvements that were made after the update:

  • Before the update there was an issue occurring on loading screen- the Daedalus would stuck with the “Connecting to network” message. This issue occurred because of the Cardano not being unable to connect to the network when there was time difference between the global time and the user device. As a result of the update the issue was solved and the error message will no longer appear on the screen.

  • There were different events and instances leading to “error of waiting” while after the update, as reported by the company, almost all such events have been fixed.

  • A “Support Request” service has been added to the system allowing the user to report any problem or issue directly from Daedalus. The report will be furtherly passed from there to the appropriate team which will hence have more information to investigate and solve the issue.

  • In the old version there were bugs which would lead to a major slowdown and cause disconnections after 99.9% sync was reached, while after the update these bugs were fixed.

In addition to these fixes and improvements this update was most importantly the first time-based release which shows a good development in the current processes. According to company sources two more time-based releases will be launched in the following months which will bring even more improvements and new features to the system.

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