Tron and BitGuild – Strategic Cooperation for Blockchain Gaming

 The present and the future of digital entertainment within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Tron news – In the gaming sector, the TRON project continues to expand thanks to targeted partnerships with digital entertainment players. The last alliance in order of time is the one that the foundation has signed with BitGuild, a platform based on blockchain, founded by Jared Psigoda.

TRON and BitGuild, strategic cooperation for blockchain gaming

In agreement with what was reported by, the one signed between TRON and BitGuild is a strategic cooperation considering that in the future, right through the blockchain, a strong development is expected for the videogames sector not only on the side of the gaming experience an end in itself, but also for design, for the development and growth of communities, and for the management of cryptocurrency payments and transactions.

Justin Sun about online blockchain games

 “Online gaming is a growing and huge market and TRON has always put online gaming at the core of online development.” Jared Psigoda, founder of BitGuild, and his team have extensive experience in online games and online entertainment. I believe the blockchain online game landscape will be further expanded through the strategic cooperation between TRON and BitGuild.”

BitGuild founder, Jared Psigoda said

“BitGuild is pleased to reach a strategically collaboration with TRON, the rare blockchain projects focused on online entertainment, and TRON has been made outstanding performance since it was established. BitGuild is looking forward to working together with TRON, giving gamers and developers a better game, market, transactions, design and community experience through blockchain. “

According to Coinmarketcap, Tron is among the top 15 cryptocurrencies, with a total market cap over 3 billion USD, and at the time of writing is traded for 0.041$

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