Stellar Lumens

Stellar – Flat Road Towards $ 1?

Stellar Lumens, the ninth largest cryptocurrency in circulation, may soon return to dream investors.

With a market capitalization of about $ 5.9 billion and with a price that fluctuates above $ 30 cents, the digital currency has gained more than 1,600% in the last 12 months and has entered fully into the ranking of the best cryptocurrencies of 2017 .

Even with reference to this disruptive growth, many people think that the Stellar quote will be able to climb the peak of one dollar by the end of the current year.

There are many reasons that, according to experts, could lead to the listing of Stellar above the dollar threshold. Among these, surely the greatest legitimacy obtained by the cryptocurrency, welcomed in an ever increasing number of exchanges. Initially traded only on Poloniex, Kraken and Bittrex, today Stellar is available on many other platforms including Binance CEX, and Gate.

In 2017, among other things, the company managed to stipulate different partnerships that will expand the methods and the simplicity of using cryptocurrency. Among the best known examples it is worth mentioning the approach to SatoshiPay, a web payment system designed to facilitate the monetization of digital assets (articles, PDF files, videos) of online publishers.

The use of its platform as a basis for ICOs could also result in an appreciation of the Stellar listing; with it it is possible to exchange not only cryptocurrencies, but also traditional coins. With respect to the 3.5 minutes of Ethereum, Stellar transactions take about 5 seconds to be processed.

“Stellar is an open payment protocol. If there is a digital dollar then there must also be a real dollar somewhere. Here’s what makes stellar. We have a consensus-based protocol while Bitcoin uses proof of work which is an extremely expensive process. We have a more efficient system, ”

said Stellar co-founder Jed McCaleb.

The latter has defined her own creative platform as rich in opportunities and has lifted the veil on the ambitious project to donate $ 10 in Stellar to numerous users. To date, however, the hypothesis remains impractical in terms of technology.

“We are in the middle of a bubble. We want to make sure we are real enough when it explodes “,

added McCaleb.

All the elements mentioned led the experts on the path of optimism. If the forecasts were correct, the XLM quotation could break the $ 1.00 threshold within a few months, however, by the end of the year.

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