New Cryptocurrency Exchange CryptoBuzz to Launch with XRP

A new english based cryptocurrency exchange is about to open its door for trading.

It is called Cryptobuzz and according to their latest tweet, they are going to launch with XRP as first cryptocurrency CryptoBuzz  claims that it takes the stress out of buying digital currency, offering instant verification, and enable you to easily purchase cryptocurrency with a debit card.

Currently the exchange is in pre registration phase, anybody can register to the official website.

During the first phase of the launch,it will be all about getting the site live and working, then the exchange will be offering the purchase of XRP via debit card, the second phase will be dedicated to expand the offer and make any improvment and the third phase is still top secret.

CryptoBuzz will be supporting over 130 countries worldwide with pre-registration, other countries and more details are coming at the date of lauch, wich is still unknown.

This is another great news for Ripple and XRP, since customers will now able to buy XRP without the need of buying bitcoin first, with a normal debit card and an instant verification.

The Ripple community is already looking forward for this exchange and is showing a great support to the company on Twitter, as you can see from the comments below their posts.


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