Cardano Founder Shares Big Plans for the Future

One of the most popular cryptocurrencies currently in the market has been having noticeable ups and downs lately. In fact Cardano lost around 8% in value during the last week. However a 4% of increase was seen in the past day bringing the value of the token to $0.298 at which it is currently traded. The founder of Cardano Charles Hoskinson has recently offered an interview for IB Times where he talked about some improvements they plan to bring to the coin. He also shared his big plans for the future of Cardano. Here are some of the key points he touched during the interview and further official posts on social media:

  • According to Hoskinson they aim on making faster transfers as well as looking for better ways to separate data. Eventually they want to achieve the point where the data is not required to be downloaded in order to be accessed or synced.

  • Hoskinson also shared that Cardano will split its network into sub-networks which will be with Recursive Inter Network Architecture (RINA). In this case however the data is required to be sorted so they are currently looking for ways to reduce the volumes of the data. As shared by the founder of Cardano they are aiming on achieving this by using data pruning and partition.

  • In addition it was shared that Cardano is looking for ways to divide the network data in such a way that the users don’t have access to the same data sets. According to Hoskinson they already have some practical protocols which will come to Cardano very soon.

Considering the main directions of future development of ADA it can be seen that the cryptocurrency has long-term objectives to stay and grow in the market and create even more secure and flexible currency for the holders.

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