Tron New Net will be Launched Sooner than Expected

Great news for investors- Tron will be launching the new independent platform sooner than expected. The founder and key leader of Tron- Justin Sun recently announced about the acceleration of their main net release.

The entire launch of the new net has been initially announced to be conducted in two main phases including launching a test version at the beginning which would be followed by the final and improved one. The test net launch will proceed according to the promised schedule – on March 31st while full main net platform will be released over a month earlier- on May 31st. This is a great performance by the cryptocurrency and the development team meaning a good operational and technical work which will defiantly be appreciated by the investors.

After launching the net and achieving its stabile operation, it will become possible for Tron to be free from the ERC-20 blockchain. After being independent, Tron promises to show the full capability of the yet most promising cryptocurrency currently in the market.

Both the test net and the main final net launches are part of the initially announced ‘Exodus’ phase of Tron’s roadmap. This phase is considered to be the most critical component of the entire process. Before Exodus phase there is no proof of concept technology to showcase for Tron. When Tron publically releases the software, the ability for early adopters is believed to start developing measurably and hence a great market explosion can be forecasted to happen.

Although no further details are still available at this point, this development remains good news for the currency holders. In the line with some recent loud partnerships and consistent progress of Tron the sooner release of the new net promises an important turn of events for the cryptocurrency.

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