Tron Just Made it to N1 in Bittrex and N2 in Upbit

Tron keeps moving up in the top exchange platforms promising more interesting developments to look forward to. As recently announced by the company leaders Tron has moved to the number 1 position on Bittrex from the recent 4th position in an incredibly short period of time.

Bittrex is one of the leading and most popular exchange platforms out there which has officially listed Tron quite recently. And in only less than a week Tron has been moved to the top position in the platform which is a great performance considering the short period of time the cryptocurrency was actually listed in the platform.

Another major leap of Tron happened with the Korean cryptocurrency exchange platform- Upbit. Here as well the promising cryptocurrency was listed even later than on Bittrex and it’s already made its way to number 2 position.
Tron has been recently actively promoting important cooperation and a good performance in addition to the largest news so far of the new independent net being introduced soon.

The recent loud announcements about getting listed in the major exchange platforms and several other large partnerships, and now the good performance on the integrated platforms add an important value to the cryptocurrency. As a result Tron value has been increasing prominently ever since the recent activity in the media started appearing.

According to the company leaders, currently the majority of entertainment traffic data today is owned by huge corporations like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google. TRON’s primary goal is to give back the control and ownership of that entertainment traffic data to the users. By building a strong and independent platform the users will be able to create a safe content without the need of sharing own data with large organisations which currently control the field.

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