MoneroV Hard Fork to be Introduced on March 14

As a result of a change in Monero blockchain code a new hard fork was announced to be introduced very soon. The new cryptocurrency is called MoneroV and it will be issued with a limited number of in total 256 million coins. The news about MoneroV has been putting the cryptocurrency in the middle of attention of the field enthusiasts and investors most of whom prefer owning Monero now to be awarded the new coins once those become available.

In order to get the new coin the users will need to have a Monero wallet which will provide access to a private key. The new wallet will be introduced soon after MoneroV becomes officially available in the market. The owners of Monero will receive correspondent amount of new MoneroV coins which can be claimed to the new wallet.

In addition according to Monero development team useful guides and technical tutorials will also be published soon on how to safely retrieve XMV from the popular wallets such as Monero GUI, MyMonero and the Monero RPC.

When the implementation of the hard fork was announced a good deal of attention was concentrated on Monero as it always happens in such cases. As a result in just 24 hours the value of Monero was increased by 10%. This promises a great popularity of the new cryptocurrency as well.

While a good performance is expected for the new MoneroV currency for the future, the market is already filled with similar spinoffs including Dash, Zcash, Zcoin, Verge and Pivx which makes the future success of MoneroV quite challenging. Meanwhile the fact is that Monero is currently still attracting lot of attention and interest of the investors who naturally prefer keeping up with the new promising cryptocurrency beforehand for free which can be increased greatly in value in the future.

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