Cardano to Arise With Interledger Transactions

Cardano [ADA] which has seen a bearish week losing around 8% in value, has in the past 24 hours seen a 4% increase to currently trade at $0.300 to a token.

IB Times, a leading news source from the United Kingdom recently interviewed the CEO and founder of Cardano [ADA], Charles Hoskinson.

He revealed his future plans to achieve true scalability and interledger peer-to-peer transactions in Cardano’s operations.

Charles Hoskinson, CEO, IOHK, said:

“We are probably not going to lose a lot of Byzantine resistance. These epochs that we have come up with, there’s no reason they can’t be run in parallel…”

Charles aims at finding out superior ways to segregate data and transfer it at lightning speed so that the entire data set need not be downloaded to sync or access it.

Cardano is aiming to split their network into sub-networks using Recursive InterNetwork Architecture [RINA].

But the data is in terabytes and petabytes, so ultimately it needs to be stored somewhere and Cardano intends to do so by using complex data pruning and partition to reduce the data volume to a minimum.

His statement:

“And also how do I chop up my blockchain so that no one has to have a full copy of the chain, yet we can still put the whole thing back together if you really want to, and you know the data that you are seeing is correct.”

He also goes on to mention how Cardano has been working to develop methods to chop up network data so not all users have access to the same data sets.  Cardano’s research is about scalable sub-networks and how it can communicate with each other using the concept of sidechains.

Hoskinson likes to call it ‘interledger transactions’.

IOHK is Charles Hoskinson’s blockchain initiative which published a paper on this research called ‘non-interactive proofs of proof-of-work’.

The proof acts as a small representation of the whole blockchain and is sufficient for investors and clients to verify the validity of their chain. These proof sizes are very small, they are in kilobytes to megabytes as compared to a multi-gigabyte blockchain.

Charles Hoskinson tweeted:

“Our MPC research is really amazing and I’m glad to see practical protocols coming to Cardano soon”


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