Tron is Officially Listed on Bittrex

Tron keeps hitting the headlines. This time a new partnership with a major exchange platform- Bittrex was announced by the founder of Tron- Justin Sun. Now it is possible to trade Tron on one of the leading exchange platforms along with other currently popular cryptocurrencies.

Tron’s performance in the market has been making an interesting line so far. A major increase in the value of the cryptocurrency from the last year was followed by a constant decrease for some time until the recent announcement. Just in several hours after the important announcement on being listed on one of the leading exchange platforms out there the value of Tron increased by up to 31%. While the current value, after being listed on the platform, is still a long way off its all-time high value, this huge increase is measurable for such a short period of time.

Partnership with Bittrex has been a large step forward for Tron listing the currency in one of the top exchange platforms on the same line with Bitcoin and other big cryptocurrencies.

The loud announcement about this important partnership has been only one of the lists of recent big news from Tron. There have been couple of more new integrations and partnerships announced officially by the company leader- Justin Sun which all have been widely promoted adding value to the currency.

Recently Tron has been in the middle of a great attention among the field enthusiasts mainly due to these frequent partnership announcements made by the leader of the company one after another. Sun has already made some important partnerships with smaller Chinese companies and in addition we are all looking forward to the launch of the Tron net very soon.

All these recent developments add a great value to the cryptocurrency by attracting more attention and promising a good future for Tron.

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