A Big Day for Monero – Look Forward to March 12

On the big day for Monero- 12th of March all the Monero (XMR) holders will receive 10 times more MoneroV coins. This makes it the most convenient time to be the owner of the coin as soon the number of new MoneroV coins will be 10 times as much for each holder.

So what is MoneroV and is it worth owning?

After a hard fork for Monero was applied, the new blockchain was developed and the new crypto coin called MoneroV was created. When there have been many hard forks applied for most of the cryptocurrencies over time which eventually turned out to be failures, this one can be different as there are some good forecasts for MoneroV. The new coin already has some promising features which can be interesting to follow in the future as well. Some of the good features of the new coin include:

  • MoneroV supplies limited amount of coins unlike Monero. While currently Monero’s value is increasing it has the important “disadvantage” of issuing unlimited amount of coins. With MoneroV a more sustainable currency will be established which will increase the Value of the coin.

  • MoneroV has more advanced privacy features than Monero while remaining a valuable and secure currency which promises to provide growing interest to the new coin in the future.

  • Monero users will own the new promising coins for free. On the Big Day the owners will be awarded the new prospective coins for absolutely free of charge. Considering the great potential of the new coin, an increased interest towards the currency is forecasted.

  • MoneroV solves the scalability problems of most of cryptocurrencies out there. The solution is carried out via MimbleWimble Protocol which is another added value to the currency.

Overall MoneroV has all the potential to become a successful spinoff of one of the biggest cryptocurrencies currently in the market. And before the first big award day of the new coin- March 12, it can be the best time to invest in Monero.

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