Tron Announces Integration with Peiwo

Tron has been recently making loud announcements one after another keeping the field enthusiasts and TRX holders intrigued and interested in the future development of one of the most promising cryptocurrencies currently in the market. The company has recently announced that Peiwo App which is their union member is now successfully integrated with TRX token. This means that the users are now able to make deposits, withdrawals and even tip using the app. This is another large integration for Tron which adds some extra value in terms of giving new opportunities to the app users.

Peiwo is an app for audio live streaming and currently has over 10 million users. The app is targeted mainly on Chinese language users and is available for both iOS and Android devices. One of the specialties of Peiwo app is the concertation on providing the option to use more voice-based interactions rather than communication by text and pictures.

There are currently 1 million active monthly users of the app and as announced by the creators the average age of the users is between 16 and 25. As it can be expected the users of the app are mainly Chinese people who live in large cities as well as in North America, Japan, Western Europe, Korea, and Australia.

According to the founder of the two projects (Peiwo and Tron)- Justin Sun, this successful integration will give more flexibility to the users and more and more investors, enterprises, and platforms will want to join the platform. The young users of Peiwo now have the direct opportunity to enter the block chain based industry. By involving more partnerships, integration and of course new users they will be able to promote block chain based online entertainment on wider levels according to the company leaders.

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