Tron was Yesterday Added to LBANK

Justin Sun just announced on his Twitter page about another important partnership of Tron. TRX was yesterday added to which is one more powerful exchange platform you can find and trade TRX at. Since yesterday evening the holders are officially able to deposit and withdraw TRX on LBANK platform.

LBANK is a widely known exchange platform in Asia. What is beneficial about LBANK is the opportunity to trade at the lowest rates in the market. The platform is known for offering the most convenient trading rates (starting from as little as 0.10%) compared with other similar exchanging platforms.

Currently LBANK lists about 50 most different and popular tokens on its platform which is concentrated mainly on the Asian market. Adding TRX will be a good update of the token list of the platform as the new token will go to the list of “bigger” tokens on the platform.

Tron currently still depends on Ethereum meanwhile its new net will be released soon, which will make Tron independent. This large announcement has been keeping Tron in the centre of the investors’ attention for the last several weeks. The new net will allow Tron to make more than 1000 transactions at the same time giving the cryptocurrency a good advantage over Ethereum and Bitcoin.

While becoming independent from Ethereum will add convenience and flexibility to TRX it is also believed to help the project get listed in even more exchange platforms similar and even larger than LBANK in the nearest future.

The list of recent loud announcements by Tron company has been giving more and more events and important partnerships to look forward to for the cryptocurrency world enthusiasts. The big plans of Tron not only have been attracting a great deal of attention to the currency but also are adding a noticeable value to TRX already.

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