Ripple – Fleetcor Technologies to Test XRP

Ripple News – Ripple gets yet another important customer for its technology. It is Fleetcor Technologies, a company operating since 1986 that provides fuel cards, products and services for the payment of the workforce, which among its customers sees many operators in the oil industry all over the world.

This is another strong customer, who opted for the adoption of Ripple’s xRapid, which also uses the XRP digital currency. This partnership will also include the New York Cambridge Payments, acquired by Fleetcor just a year ago, already a customer of Ripple since 2017. And just the extensive use that Cambridge made of xCurrent, may have led to convince the top Fleetcor to offer more confidence to Ripple and even its digital currency.

Ripple, the point on testing and new customers

This news comes after a month from the adoption of xRapid by the IDT telephone service provider and the Mercury payment provider.

Added to these is the MoneyGram test, as reported in a previous article.

Furthermore, the recent tests by Cualix, a Mexican financial services company that have also decided to use Ripple’s XRP as an alternative for payment transactions. Just Cualix pointed out how xRapid actually helps to process direct payments between the US and Mexico quickly and at reduced cost.


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