Toast Wallet is Introducing Credit Cards Purchases for XRP in H2 This Year

Toast Wallet, one of the most famous wallets to store XRP , confirmed that is trying to add credit cards purchase in the second half of 2018.

As stated in a tweet of the official account of the company: “We’re still working hard to add it. Licenses, bank accounts, contracts, setting up card processors etc. all take time unfortunately. The shifting sands of the crypto space make it even harder. We’re planning to do a pilot run in H1 of this year with hopefully full roll out in H2.”

This would be a huge news for Ripple and its cryptocurrency XRP, as more people will be able to buy the digital coin within the app. If it will be easier to buy XRP, many people who are not so experienced with cryptocurrencies will be able to get some, increasing the use and the spread of it.

If you are new to Ripple and Toast wallet but you want to buy some XRP, check our review and guide to the wallet

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