SBI Virtual Currencies Delayed the Launch of the Platform

SBI Virtual Currencies informed their customers that the launch of the trading platform has been delayed  to sort out security measures and the management of assets under custody. XRP is the first and the only cryptocurrency to be listed on SBI Virtual Currencies during its initial launch period.

SBI VC is among the first group of companies to apply for and receive Japan’s digital currency exchange license in November 2017. Additionally, the recent formation of a consortium of Japanese brokerages, headed up by SBI Ripple Asia,  will make Ripple’s payment protocol accessible across the Asian region.

Below is reported the original post appeared on the website of the company, translated in english:

Announcement of postponement of virtual currency trading service start time

Thank you very much for giving us your expectations for the start of service by many customers.
In February this year, we will inform you of the time to start mailing the documents necessary for the transaction to the customers who completed the priority account establishment with the advance reservation, and the time to start accepting the account opening application from ordinary customers Although it was a schedule, I will postpone the time.
We decided that it will take a certain amount of time to further strengthen security measures, how to manage assets under custody, and customer management system in user conservation of virtual currency exchange operators, which is expected to be further safe.
Thank you for your understanding as we have kept you waiting, but we are very sorry.



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