Tron Connects Closely with China

In the line with many short-lasting and unstable cryptocurrencies out there, there are several strong projects that are holding on in the market while showing a good performance as well. Tron is one of these strong cryptocurrencies, which promise a long-term operation in the market. While there are many reasons and specialities that make Tron as significant and long-lasting as it is promising to be currently, having strong and close connections to China and Chinese market can be one of the greatest contributions to the success of the project.

  1. Let’s start from the leaders of the Project who are Chinese and are linked to Jack Ma, who is behind one of the most powerful ecommerce platforms out there- Alibaba. Jack Ma is a powerful millionaire who has the favour of Chinese government, so any project somehow linked to the businessman can be trusted to be secure and long-lasting.

  2. China is a great market and is considered to be the primary target for Tron. One of the main objectives of Tron is allowing users to be responsible for own content and as the most of the content creators are the young people, and China has the largest number of the potential users of Tron this market is full of the best opportunities for Tron.

  3. Tron philosophy speaks perfectly with the values and principles of Chinese holders. People in China appreciate receiving power for their content over international large organisations and companies which currently control all the global content. Chinese users prefer creating own content and be responsible for their valuable and long-run stabile creations. Chinese government seems to be comfortable with Tron as well without having any intentions to ban it or put any limitations on the cryptocurrency.

While there are many value adding points to Tron including great leadership, global objectives, talented team etc. the strong connection and targeting on Chinese market remains one of the most important strengths of the Project.

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