Ripple Makes Ripples as the World of Finance Takes Notice

As more companies start to notice Ripple, Cuallix decides to bring them into its Cuallet product.

Ripple hasn’t always been so popular

Ripple hasn’t exactly made it to the status of a household name yet. Many argue that’s because it gets its share of criticism from the world of cryptocurrency. In this realm, that which is tailored for the rogue individual is usually more popular, while those services aimed at catering to the financial institutions get less attention. Yet, targeting the bigger world of finance is just what Ripple is doing, and it’s finally helping them because service providers are taking a liking to their products. Even if you don’t make a great number of friends, having a few friends in high places can make all the difference. It seems that it is exactly Ripple’s tactic. But what does Ripple have to offer that makes it so interesting? For one, its xRapid service, which works through trading the XRP provides a very fast and secure transactional method. As the world moves to electronic payment, it is at least encouraging to see a diversity in approach.

Cuallix wants to integrate Ripple

One of the major companies casting a fond eye on Ripple’s technology is Cuallix Mercadotecnia. Thinking about this from the perspective of Cuallix, it is sensible to adopt the technology Ripple offers because they are trying to achieve similar things. Perhaps this is exactly what the company has engineered, but they both promote liquidity across markets, transactional velocity and normalization. As Ripple has aligned itself so well with the principal objectives of a company like Cuallix Mercadotecnia, it has set itself up to be a target for this partnership.

This marriage will occur in the Cuallet product, designed to conveniently transfer money for consumers. The specific service  to be integrated is xRapid. Every single money transaction in Cuallet is now engineered to go through the xRapid service. Experts believe it is yet unclear how this relationship will affect each company. It is believed that this move will dramatically increase the industry competition as a whole in short to medium term.

Cuallix is very outspoken about its mission to be the future of e-wallets. This strategic move is great news for Ripple, but the pressure is on. Will the company help Cuallix move into the future with this secure and inexpensive method for transactions?

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