New U.S. Exchange Coinstocks to Go Live in Q2 With XRP Trading

Coinstocks, a new cryptocurrency exchange based in the U.S. is opening its doors, and at the launch, set for the Q2, will be offering XRP trading, alongside other digital currencies, like EOS, TRX, QTM, ETH, IOX and OMG.

What is CoinStocks

CoinStocks is a Cryptocurrency Exchange focusing on ease of use for anybody , no matter your technical background. Which is something the crypto community desperately needs since most of the exchanges present graphs that can intimidate any average Joe, which can restrain cryptocurrency going mainstream. Coinstocks promises to help out with this problem.

Where is CoinStock based

According to their website they are based from USA, to be exact Saint Petersburg, Florida. Knowing the location of an exchange can be helpful, since every country has their own set of laws that protect consumer from fraud or or company insolvency. We are able to view the LLC entry from the state of Florida. This gives more confidence that this exchange isn’t shady as some new exchanges can be.

What are Coinstocks plans for 2018

CoinStocks has a busy schedule planned for 2018. Right now they’re in stage one of beta testing. CoinStocks has garnered about 2000 beta tester. This is an important stage ,used to work out all the little kinks in the software , to allow a smooth public release. Below are the plans for Q1 2018.

1.Incorporate Company.

2.Apply for FinCEN.

3.Get 2000 Beta Testers.

4.First Stage IOX Airdrop.

5.Secure Banking Partner.

6. Open Beta for Testing.

For more information about their Roadmap you can view it on their website.


What is IOX

CoinStocks is releasing it own ERC-20 token called CoinStock IO’s(IOX), which will have similarities with Binance BNB or Kucoin KucoinShare. Some uses IOX will have is Voting power on new coin listings, Cheaper fees, and also Coin Integration payout. Best part is they’re are giving 100 IOX to the first 40,000 early backers.

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