Tron Dogs- the Most Promising Cryptocurrency Game

Tron Dogs is a cryptocurrency game created by Tron company which was introduced quite recently. Tron Dogs is game where you can buy, sell and breed the digital dogs with the main currency of TRX. The game has been already introduced in English as well and has becoming very popular in a global market ever since.

There are some basic concepts and approaches in the game which can be seen as quite similar to Pokemon game. Basically the key objective at Tron Dogs is collecting the “rare” breeds of dogs and look after them as otherwise they die. This can be viewed as a tactic to burn the coin meaning that every time a digital dog dies a certain amount of TRX goes out of circulation. Depending on the dog type and breed you can lose from 20 to up to 2000 TRX.

In addition to introducing the English version of the game which measurably increased the number of users, the mobile version of Tron Dogs was recently announced to be available. This news was greatly appreciated by the Tron Dogs community number of which members grow constantly after the recent developments.

In addition to this another great announcement was voiced by the CEO of the leading The announcement stated that in the new version of Tron Dogs the gamers will be able to design their own digital dogs, which is a great new feature to the traditional game. Although deeper information about this functionality has not yet been introduced the game community already seemed very excited about the great news.

More functionalities as such create more interest towards the game involving more people who wish to join the community of players which number as reported by the Tron company increased by 100 new members in just one week, and numbers keep growing.

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