What to Look Forward to with Tron

It is already clearly visible that one of the youngest but already the most promising cryptocurrencies out there- Tron is here to stay for a long time. The creators of Tron have been announcing the great objectives and vision of the cryptocurrency for the future over time. In addition a roadmap plan of Tron till 2027 has become available which describes the key stages the cryptocurrency to develop in during the upcoming 9 years. The followings are the stages included in the official roadmap of Tron:

  1. Exodus- which is the current stage of Tron. Exodus aims on creating a free platform which will allow to distribute and to share any entertainment related content which will be uploaded by the user himself.

  2. Odyssey- a logical following stage which will aim on encouraging the users to create and upload any entertainment related content.

  3. Great Voyage- an important phase that follows will concentrate on dealing with relevant issues connected with payments and supporters’ management.

  4. Apollo- which has similar objectives as Great Voyage with the addition for Tron to be able to issue own personalized token which will perfectly fit into the decentralized trading system. The phase is expected to be completed by 2023.

  5. Star Trek- a phase that is expected to take a comparably longer time has the objective of securing the major capitalization of the market by Tron.

  6. Eternity- the final phase in the  roadmap which aims on giving the opportunity to the users to be able to create own games and be a part of fundraising events.

So in total there are 6 main stages of development expected for digital coin, 4 of which are planned to be completed by 2023 and the last 2 will be completed by the end of 2027.

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