3 Recent Value Adding Developments of Litecoin

Litecoin has been under many headlines and discussions recently which all note some interesting movements and increase in value of the altcoin. The coin has been showing a good performance in the market due to some recent announcements and positive developments for the company. Recently there have been some promising events happening around LTC that add measurable value to the coin making it as popular as it is discussed to be currently. Here are 3 important developments of Litcoin LTC that have been making it so valuable with almost each day.

  • The recent hard fork which occurred on February 18 leading up to creating a new cryptocurrency called Litcoin Cash. The currency has been performing incredibly fine in the market showing good growth rates of the value within just several days.

  • Litecoin’s major breakthrough- Litepay paying system is more than promising. On February 26 Litepay will become available in more than 40 countries allowing people and businesses to make and receive payments for any everyday transaction. In addition the leaders of Litecoin insure that this is just the beginning of the great opportunities this payment system promises to provide. According to the company vision, soon anyone will be able to receive transactions via Litecoin from anywhere in the world directly to his bank account while staying secure and safe.

  • LTC is perfectly suitable for everyday small purchases due to small transaction fees and the incredible speed per transaction. Compared to Bitcoin transactions via Litecoin cost several times less while remaining as safe and as fast. This makes it convenient to use Litecoin for small valued transactions.

All these developments are indeed promising for the coin, and in case the cryptocurrency keeps up with the ambitious plans for the future and makes it a fiat cryptocurrency, this can mean a good future for the altcoin.

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