IOTA : Will the Partnership with Volkswagen Affect Quotations?

The famous car manufacturer Volkswagen,  has announced that it intends to take advantage of the IOTA technology to transform the automotive sector. Even the foundation itself has been included in a development plan developed by the German automotive giant. For the cryptocurrency, considered one of the secondary altcoin in the current scenario, it is a very important recognition that could have repercussions on the trend of quotations as soon as there will be more precise indications.

An even more significant detail is represented by the fact that not even the decision by IOTA to exit its Beta status to reach full growth by the end of the year, has led to an appreciation of the quotations. In practice, as happened in Ripple yesterday, there are two potentially positive news that do not have any impact on the price trend. The strategy, at this point, could be that which aims at an appreciation of IOTA in the next sessions. This means buying at low prices today, and then hoping to increase the price of IOTA in the future.

There are all the prerequisites for a rise. In fact, Volkswagen aims to switch from traditional vehicles to self-driving vehicles. According to Volkswagen CDO, Johann Jungwirth, the foundation will play an important role in the transformation of the automotive industry towards an autonomous scenario around the world. We are talking about an epochal change and for this reason the forecast on the listing of the coin in the future can only be positive. If this is added then the fact that the same CDO of Volkswagen since last month has joined the board of the foundation IOTA you can have valid elements to invest on IOTA.

One last factor for which it is advisable to monitor carefully the price concerns the technical field. In fact, for some time IOTA has lost value both in terms of quotations and in terms of presence on the market. This involution occurred despite the vain attempts of management to regain the old positions. In fact, long ago, IOTA made news for the sensational step back on the Microsoft affair. In the beginning, in fact, IOTA announced that it had reached an agreement with Microsoft to launch an IoT market but subsequently was forced to make clear that Microsoft was only one of the participants in the initiative.

The fact that it is now Volkswagen itself to announce the existence of a relationship could bring up the IOTA quotations today at a much lower level than in the past.

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