Cryptocurrency Experts Monetize Their Experience on Blockchain

The SocialMedia.Market team puts all its experience on the world of cryptocurrencies to support the project that promises to revolutionize influencer marketing.

Dmitry Shyshov is proud of his team: the CEO of SocialMedia.Market, a decentralized platform that uses blockchain technology to help advertisers and influencers meet and facilitate organic advertising and influencer marketing, has gathered a solid group influencer within his team.

The consultative commission includes luminaries such as Keith Teare, founder of a dizzying series of several companies for several decades, including EasyNet and RealNames, the investor and cryptocurrency expert Tatsunari Ono and Dima Zaitsev, cryptanalute expert and PR manager and business analytics at ICOBox, ICO solutions provider.
The stellar list also contains industry heavyweights like Andrew Playford, Gabriel Zanko, Daria Generalova, Chafik Abdellaoui, Peter Zhalov, Alex Yastremski and Slavik Nenaydokh.

“Our advisory commission is a good representation of a part of the product we intend to create. Our flagship platform allows advertisers and marketing professionals to find the right people to engage with influencer marketing, and our advice is made up of a global team of stars of this type of people. ”

Shyshov is not just about influencers. His previous experiences include the foundation of R.Games, a private game retailer, and Nontita, the company behind the CSGO.CASH market for virtual items. One of the first to adopt the influencer marketing strategy, Shyshov has extensive experience and a deep understanding of the internal functioning of the market.

“Despite its exponential growth, the influencer’s advertising market faces challenges, such as price inefficiency and complex communications, while agency fees and frauds consume large portions of the budget,” says Tatsunari Ono.

«SocialMedia.Market is willing to solve these problems using blockchain technology. The social media audience in Japan is huge. And SocialMedia.Market will help expand the plans of influencer marketing and grow the community. This is why I support the project and I will be one of the early adopters “.

According to the veteran entrepreneur Teare, SocialMedia.Market offers a promising solution.
«I see SMM as a turning point for the influencer marketing industry. They have created a strong and professional team and their platform offers a global reach and an all-in-one solution focused on researching and creating, implementing and analyzing influencer marketing for specific advertising campaigns ».

Another SMM consultant, legal advisor and blockchain compliance and regulation expert Alex Yastremski, adds that “nfluencer marketing is rapidly gaining popularity among brands and marketers as one of the most effective advertising tools. SocialMedia.Market solves the problems related to the influence of marketing and has the potential to completely change the digital advertising industry »

Gaming and eSports are a sector that relies heavily on influencers, mainly vloggers and streamers, for its marketing. The entrepreneur and advisor of SMM Chafik Abdellaoui sees great potential in this sector:

“I believe that the ecosystem of organized marketing influencer will be a critical point for the eSport industry. SocialMedia.Market creates an opportunity that can not be ignored ».

The advisor Andrew Playford believes that the success of the project derives from its founders:

“Personally, I put a lot of resources into the team. Dmitry and Alexandra have been involved in this project for some years. Both have extensive experience in the big brands sector, mainly in the eSports and games sectors, both of which are difficult industrial sectors. Personally, I feel confident about this team, which is why I’m working on the project ».

SocialMedia.Market is currently in phase 2 of its initial money offer (ICO). The Social Media Token (SMT) will be the basis of its market ecosystem for influencers.

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