Cardano Integrates Ledger Hardware Wallet

Cardano Foundation which is the independent organisation that supports Cardano blockchain recently announced that they aim to enhance the ecosystem of Cardano. One of the ways to accomplish this according to the organisation is enabling the integration of Cardano secure wallet with Ledger hardware wallet. Ledger provides security solutions for cryptocurrencies and integrating it with Cardano will ensure the enhanced security of Cardano coin’s (ADA) holders.

The leading cryptocurrency consulting company Cryptonomy was nominated by the Cardano Foundation to handle the integration processes between the two wallets. In the frames of the integration IOHK will be integrated with ADA wallet- Daedalus. As a result of this interesting integration the ADA holders will be able to:

  • Store the cryptocoins offline.

  • Move the crypto funds to the Ledger’s wallet directly from own digital software.

  • Perform secure transactions to Ledger device via Cardano app.

  • Keep their private security keys away from online devices, which is a great security against the access of a third party.

  • Have more secure private keys due to secure chips on which Ledger wallets are based.

Being the 5th leading cryptocurrency in the world currently Cardano takes a good care about the security of own solutions. Insuring complete security of the currency holders has always been a priority for the company. This great integration with Ledger is a good protection against cyber-attacks which can be major threats for the industry.

According to Cardano leaders they have a good confidence that integration with Ledger has been a perfect choice for the cryptocurrency as Ledger has extensive expertise in providing cyber-security in many relevant industries. And this integration can insure the extra safety for the funds of Cardano holders which is what adds value to the currency and builds trust towards the company.

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