3 Things in the Market Cardano Aims to Solve

Cardano aims on building a strong and a long-term valuable cryptocurrency which will not only keep getting value with time but will also have its influence on the industry. With this great objective Cardano has announced to be aiming on solving three main aspects of today’s market including Scalability, Interoperability and Sustainability.

  1. Market Scalability

All the team and crypto world enthusiasts strongly believe that cryptocurrencies will eventually become a global payment system which will be used for more and more transactions with time. Meanwhile in order to become this global system it will be necessary for cryptocurrencies to be able to handle a great number of transactions which can be performed at the same time. This is an issue Cardano concentrates on currently and aims to solve eventually via techniques such as pruning, compression, and partitioning which promise to be efficient in this.

  1. Market Interoperability

According to Cardano leaders they believe that in the future there will be many different cryptocurrencies that will be used side by side at the same time. This means there will not be one single currency that will be used globally. Considering this aspect Cardano aims on creating a system which will also have a great deal of information on other cryptocurrencies as well as their performance in the market. And only by working and cooperating together a strong global system can be created.

  1. Market Sustainability

While operating in the currency world Cardano clearly understands that without a product that has the actual value a cryptocurrency may disappear any time once its development does not grow on. So considering this Cardano has created a special treasury that receives a certain percentage from each transaction that is being performed by the currency. The idea of this treasury is that there is no one who actually controls it instead the money is used for the improvement of Cardano protocol once it is appropriately proposed and confirmed.

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