Hacker Attack Suffered by Tesla to Mine Cryptocurrencies

Tesla has created cryptocurrencies without his knowledge, the victim of a hacker attack by some miners.

Tesla is just the latest company to be hacked to mine cryptocurrencies.
In a blog post, the computer security software company RedLock claimed that Tesla’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud account was illegally used to mine digital currencies. Reportedly, the attack has compromised a series of data owned by the Elon Musk company.

A Tesla spokesperson reported that customer informations were not involved in the attack.

«We have a program dedicated to the identification of bugs, we have faced this vulnerability within a few hours from its identification»,

said the spokesman.

“The impact seems to be limited to cars used internally for engineering tests, and our preliminary investigations have not found any indication that customer privacy or vehicle safety has been compromised in any way.”

RedLock discovered the hacker attack last month after finding an IT administration console without password protection. Researchers from the cyber security company reported that hackers broke into a Kubernetes console, a software application designed by Google, and then ran scripts from it to extract cryptocurrencies at Tesla’s expense.

It is impossible to determine who is behind the attack and how many cryptocurrencies were extracted during the operation.

Tesla’s is not the first company cloud to have been hacked by cryptocurrency miners. Several companies and government agencies have been victims of similar attacks in the last year, also due to the increase in costs of virtual currency mining such as Bitcoin.

“Given the immaturity of cloud security programs today, we expect this type of cybercrime to increase in scale and speed,” said RedLock CTO, Gaurav Kumar.


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