Stellar Lumens

Stellar Lumens and Ethereum Compared

Following the ups and downs that have characterized the cryptocurrency market in the first few months of 2018, investors’ attention widens to the search for new projects that overlook the trading market, such as Stellar Lumens. Many therefore ask whether it is cheaper to bet on newborn cryptocurrencies, with the potential to expand and grow in a very short time leading to huge profits, or whether it is preferable to reduce risks by investing in more consolidated companies.

From this point of view, the comparison between two different realities with different income prospects can be a useful exercise, and a new digital currency like Stellar Lumens can be analyzed, compared to Ethereum, which represents a solid protagonist in the composite panorama of cryptocurrencies.

Stellar Lumens

According to an estimate, there are about 2 billion people on Earth who do not have a current account at a bank but with the need to make money transfers. It is this huge audience of possible customers that targets Stellar Lumens, with a platform based on blockchain technology and a digital currency dedicated to value transactions, bypassing the traditional financial circuits and the costs and time related to their operations.

Although it has not yet reached the popularity of other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Stellar Lumens wants to identify itself as a global, economic and secure solution.


Compared to Stellar, Ethereum presents the advantage of a much more developed and solid reality. If Stellar currently reaches a market capitalization of 8.3 billion dollars, Ethereum can boast a much larger figure of 91.7 billion. In addition, the vast base of users, and the popularity and reliability that has gathered between operators and employees makes it an attractive platform and chosen by several other companies that rely on it to develop their projects.

Which of the two is a better investment?

As we have seen, both can be a valid investment option. If on the one hand Ethereum guarantees more stability and security, on the other Stellar can offer substantial gains in the short and medium term given its potential for growth. At the moment, the price of the digital currency linked to Stellar, XLM, is around $ 0.50 and promises rapid increases.

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