NAGA: the New Credit Card to Spend Cryptocurrencies

We now know that many credit cards associated with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and issued by the company WaveCrest, have been blocked.

There is a new service that promises to let us fund a credit card with cryptocurrencies: NAGA credit card. For those who do not know, NAGA is an ICO that has now become cryptocurrency and is listed in the coinmarketcap and some exchanges like HitBTC and OKex.

For the moment, the will release 10,000 cards as a preorder, it is not clear if the first ten thousand are free or not. You can go to the official website: You will also be required to upload documents such as front and back identity cards and proof of residence, such as a bill of light, gas, water, etc.

This is the official e-mail that came to those who  participated in the ICO Naga:

“Great news regarding the highly anticipated NAGA debit card! We are ready to soon bring our fantastic new card to the NAGA community.

The NAGA debit card will allow its users to spend and withdraw money all over the world. Wherever MasterCard is accepted, you will be able to get cash from ATMs and use the card for purchases both online and in-store.

The NAGA debit card will become the only fully functional debit card that will allow you to spend your cryptocurrencies (including NGCs) during your daily life. Many companies have said they would do this, but they have not done it yet! NAGA will soon deliver them!

Do not miss the opportunity to be one of the first NAGA debit card users! ”

So it will not necessarily be recharged with the NAGA coin, but also certainly with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

NAGA card commission costs

Every time the card is recharged, there will be a fixed cost of 1.99 euros, and even the fixed monthly cost of 1.99 euros.

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