How to Get Free Litecoin Cash

After the fork of Bitcoin, that gave life to Bitcoin Cash, here comes a new one,  Litecoin Cash.

As happened for Bitcoin Cash, those who owned Bitcoin before the fork could get free Bitcoin Cash in equal number of how many Bitcoin  one had. So if one owned 2 Bitcoins, he got 2 Bitcoin Cash for free.

How much is a Litecoin Cash worth?

Bitcoin Cash after all has a high value, today it is worth about 10% of a Bitcoin, while Litecoin Cash compared to Litecoin is worth about 1%, that is around 2 dollars worth.

Where do I exchange Litecoin Cash?

At the moment, the only exchange that allows users to exchange Litecoin Cash is  Yobit.

How to get Litecoin Cash Free?

As happened with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, some Exchange gave the Bitcoin Cash automatically in equal numbers compared to the bitcoins owned before the fork. For now it is not yet certain that other exchanges will support this fork.


The founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, claims that this fork is a scam and therefore  to be very careful, especially when it comes to sharing private keys. So the advice is to do nothing for now, given the low price in percentage compared to Litecoin itself.

It seems that the new born cryptocurrency  has no connection with the authentic Litecoin. If you want to know more about this hard fork, we spoke about it in this previous article.

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