Development of the Year- Monero and Litecoin may be Merging

Recently the leaders of the two digital currencies made some interesting posts on social media giving a major hint on an important possible merger in the cryptocurrency world. The heads of the companies Ricardo Spagni, the Project Leader of Monero. and Charlie Lee the Founder of Litecoin. met some weeks ago and discussed possible collaboration of the two projects. Even though an official merger date or any further details have not been yet announced. the greatest collaboration is believed to happen in the nearest future which will lead to creation of cross–chain atomic swaps we all have been waiting for this year. Here are some aspects that make this potential merger so significant in the cryptocurrency world:

  • The most exciting part of this merger still remains atomic swaps. which will mean that there will be the possibility for users to instantly exchange the two different cryptocurrencies while remaining safe and secure on two different blockchains.

  • According to the Litcoin leader. they have the ambition of making Monero’s great advantage of anonymity perfectly matching with Litcon’s great performing liquidity. which will make the coins more powerful.

  • This promising collaboration will also result in having widely approved opportunities of exchange that can be greatly beneficial for Monero and total anonymity for the users which can add a good value to Litcon.

  • Due to the fiat exchange numbers that can become available as a result of this collaboration. more users can buy Monero using Litcoin, while Litcoin can become more cash like than ever before due to the great anonymity of Monero.

This collaboration however means a lot of work for both of the cryptocurrencies especially for Monero which will need to invest a lot of work in order to be able to facilitate atomic swaps. Meanwhile atomic swaps already make huge differences in the industry and such an important collaboration that can lead to creation of cross-chain atomic swaps has the greatest potential to be fulfilled in the nearest future.

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