Bitcoin Cash

2 Positive Changes that will Measurably Improve Bitcoin Cash

The successful ecosystem of Bitcoin is built based on its security and convenience hence the team constantly strives to make the user’s experience as successful as possible. The system always makes improvements and adjustments according to recent developments and specific needs of the users. Recently there were 2 major positive improvements announced which will be implemented to make Bitcoin Cash (BCH) even more secure.

  1. Since the hard fork was occurred many holders still face difficulties when it comes to splitting their coins in older wallet. And a proper set of official instructions highlighting the transaction to new wallet has been missing. Nowadays’ wallets allow the native splitting however there is still a need for clearly written secure guidelines for the other versions. So the first announced improvement will be introducing the instructions in a convenient and accessible manner. In addition the instructions will cover useful information on hard forks and general wallet management which can be a valuable guide for especially new users of the cryptocurrency.

  2. The second improvement which still needs to be reviewed and confirmed finally aims on improving the issue with double spends. This is one of the major issues in cryptocurrency world as it is hardly possible to prevent from happening. So a warning system will be introduced which will notify the users upon double spend attack. For this proposal to be implemented a double spend relaying system should be built which would be suitable to function with Bitcoin XT. Considering the importance of this solution this proposal is believed to be implemented soon as well.

The listed improvements promise to make Bitcoin Cash (BCH) even stronger and more secure than ever before. This is a great example of cryptocurrency advantages over traditional money. It is possible to make constant improvements in this industry following the requirements and specific needs of the users. Bitcoin Cash will bring the improvements to life and will keep investing in further development to insure better user experience every time.


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