Bitcoin Cash

Handcash – New Wallet for Bitcoin Cash

As Bitcoin Cash becoming more and more popular among the users and investors more related services become available which make using NCH even easier. A new wallet for BCH – Handcash was introduced recently which is available for Android users for now and is still in beta testing period. The new wallet aims on adding more functionality to BCH which is always a good development.

  • Announced on February 10 Handcash will make BCH transactions as easy as handing money to another person with no need of scanning any QR codes or stating specific addresses. With the new wallet it will become possible to make Near Field Communication (NFC) transactions of Bitcoin Cash.

  • There is an interesting addressing feature offered by Handcash which is called cashtag. When making your Bitcoin Cash transaction via Handcash a new address is created every time which is linked to your phone ID instead of a certain address.

  • Another great feature by Handcash is the opportunity to back-up your wallet by one-tap on the app which can be linked with e.g. your Gmail account and your Bitcoin Cash data and security keys can be stored in your google drive account linked to cashtag username. So in case you start using another phone you can easily access your Bitcoin Cash.

With new features such as offered by Handcash wallet appearing constantly in the market using Bitcoin Cash becomes even more flexible and convenient. Handcash offers some innovative features and once passed the beta testing it considers having a great potential to be successful.

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