Ripple Enthusiasts Will Meet in Mexico City on February 21

Mexico is getting ready to become the meeting center of Ripple on February 21,when there will be a great event of the platform, sponsored by the Mexican exchange house Bitso and the Catapulta Entrepreneurship Center.
The meeting, named “Ripple en cdmx”, aims to point out the different objectives, vision and product concept offered by Ripple  to its users. The conference will take for examples several use cases and characteristics of  XRP, native cryptocurrency of this network.
The event will take place in Juárez, Mexico City. It will start at 7 o’clock at night and will be finished at 10 o’clock.

Yana Nobikova, Vijay Chetty and Marcos Fernández are the three Ripple business development representatives that will be at this meeting. Pablo González, CEO of Bitso, will also participate in the activity in order to publicize his experience and position in relation to Ripple’s services in the cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

José Rodríguez, VP of payments at Bitso, commented  that the meeting will allow attendees a round of questions and answers, in which all doubts and curiosities can be settled. In the same way, a networking space will be offered where you can enjoy beers and pizzas.

Ripple’s business development area wants to get closer to the Latin American community and will come to Mexico for the event. Ripple wants to make known the targets, mission and projects of the company, as well as the use cases and characteristics of XRP.

Jose Rodriguez
Vice President of payments, Bitso

The event is public and to participate, you only need to register on the website. However, Rodriguez noted that in the first 48 hours of having announced the initiative, 600 people had already notified their interest to participate in an auditorium that only has the capacity for 240 individuals. Due to this success of the call, the organizers have had to open waiting lists.


José Rodriguez points out that the organization of this type of events is motivated by the enormous curiosity that Mexican citizens have about the operation of Ripple; strengthened in the excellent commercial performance that the platform had in 2017, when it managed to elevate its administrators in the highest positions of crypto-millionaires.

Due to the constitution of an increasingly popular market, the famous Mexican exchange house Bitso also decided to join the operations of the company. The vice president of payments highlights that the exchange  made a Ripple Gateway in mid-2017 and then added in its platform the exchange service between XRP and BTC, as well as between XRP and Mexican pesos; a bet that had a great impact on the national cryptocurrency market:

There is a lot of curiosity for Ripple and XRP, especially for the great performance it had in 2017. Bitso has made several integrations with Ripple, from April 2014 to February 2017 it was a Ripple Gateway, and in November 2017 the exchange of XRP against Mexican Peso and XRP against Bitcoin. Apart from price speculation, XRP has been used for value transfers in Mexico, especially between exchange sites, in some cases replacing Bitcoin, due to its low costs and speed. Also be able to clarify doubts and controversies regarding the differences between decentralized systems such as Bitcoin and XRP.
Jose Rodriguez
Vice President of payments, Bitso

As if that were not enough, the international exchange platform has also achieved capitalizations of great importance in Latin America. For example, the company has worked with BBVA to conduct national and international payment tests, as well as trying to establish new alliances with other banking and business agencies in Latin America. A movement that could enrich and diversify the market.

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