New Independent Network Promises to Increase Tron’s Value

Tron founder Justin Sun recently announced that the main chain’s beta version called Exodus will be launched on March 31.This means that Tron will build its own blockchain which will make it independent from other platforms and become more attractive in the market. This promises to eventually increase the value of the cryptocurrency. Here are the main opportunities of Exodus:

  • The new network will make transactions almost free

It was stated in the announcement that the new independent platform will start supporting transactions at the lowest prices. It is estimated that the coin owners will have to pay only 0.000005 cent for 1 transaction. Currently on other platforms it costs at least $1 to make one transaction. This means that it will become the most attractive way to send money online while becoming a major competitor for other cryptocurrencies.

  • Exodus will be able to handle largest transaction volumes

By launching the new network Tron will become independent from other networks and will have the capacity to handle over 1000 transactions per second. The current network which the cryptocurrency relies on – Ethereum allows handling only 15 transactions per second and to compare Bitcoin allows only 7 transactions per second. This new independent capability promises to make TRX very attractive for large businesses requiring fast solutions.

  • Tron partners can be integrated into the network

Once the independent network is created Tron will be able to integrate current and any other potential partners into its network. Tron will be able to issue tokens for its partners such as for example oCoins for oBike which will dramatically increase the number of TRX users giving more value to it.

Currently Tron relies on Ethereum network which measurably limits the capabilities of the cryptocurrency. With the new independent network there is a great potential for Tron to raise its value hence if you are considering investing in TRX it can be better to do it before the new platform is launched.

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